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With over 24 years of experience in conducting 360 degree appraisals, commencing with Wipro in 1996, LS Software is a pioneer in providing 360 degree appraisals in India. Today, it conducts 360 degree appraisal exercises on behalf of some of the worlds most biggest HR firms, and for a number of reputed organisations.

In addition to 360 degree appraisals, LS Software also executes all variations of the multi-rater feedback, and also the traditional 90 degree appraisals.

LS Software offers you its expertise in conducting these online appraisals regardless of your physical location. With complete administrative support offered as part of the service, the LS Software’s Appraisals provide a unique advantage to clients. As a result, scores of reputed organisations utilise LS Software’s services to gauge thousand of employees stationed around the globe every month.

The primary objectives of a LS Software’s 360 Degree exercise are:

  • Reliable management evaluation / assessment
  • Improved organizational & personal training/development
  • Better team development
  • Comprehensive & reliable multi-channel feedback
  • Remuneration qualification
  • Better customer service
  • Reducing discrimination risk


  • Provides multi-data points/opinions reducing performance appraisal errors and bias
  • Increases employee and, in certain cases, customer involvement
  • Allows honest feedback
  • Encourages productivity improvement through better communication
  • Replaces occasional war story performance appraisals with periodic sampling and data

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