Financial Settlement and Reconciliation




MACH is the worlds leading mobile Roaming and Clearing House offering services to mobile operators worldwide.
With its Head Office located in Luxembourg, and branch offices inAsia and Americas, MACH provides state of the art services facilitating the roaming administration of more than 250 mobile operators.

Financial Settlement and Reconciliation is one of the services offered by MACH to their clients. The software caters to the functional areas of Invoicing on behalf, Invoice Reconciliation, Invoice Netting, Cash Settlement, Cash Reconciliation, MIS, etc.

Hardware Platform:


Software Platform:

  • Operating System : Solaris, Windows Server and Windows Clients
  • RDBMS : Oracle
  • Development Tool : Oracle development and reporting tools

Customers Challenge

The whole operation is being done on behalf of its clients and deals with core money. So the accuracy of data and the information generated on the pre-determined timelines, is the key to the survival. The complexity of the system increases due to the large volume of data, which runs into millions of transactions.

Hence it is essential that the system is continuously monitored closely for its precision and fine-tuned as required. Also provide all the information requested by its clients without any delay. Another major challenge is developing and implementing new features and functional modules, that too without any repercussions on the live system.


Having a highly professional software team on-site was the ideal solution to tackle the above. But LS Software has successfully demonstrated that the above activities could be done offshore. LS Software formed an Offshore Development Team and dedicated them exclusively for the above activity. The team was responsible for:

  • Software development and implementation
  • Problem simulation and rectification
  • Software Releases
  • Technical Documentation
  • Software Administration and Configuration Management
  • User support



LS Software has provided the above services effectively to the total satisfaction of MACH.