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AON Hewitt Associates Hong Kong :

AON Hewitt is one of the worlds leading provider of human resources outsourcing and consulting services.
With more than 23000 employees worldwide and a revenue of over $ 3 billion Hewitt leads in utilizing cutting edge technologies in its business. To its credit is the fact that it not only pioneered the use of automated benefit programs, but brought the HR industry into the Internet age by launching a series of online programs and software packages.

The Challenge:

To team up with a partner who had the experience and prowess to implement the 360 Degree appraisal for its multinational client. The complexity of the appraisal was evident with over 5500 employees stationed in 20 locations across 5 countries having to be appraised. Adding to the challenge was the fact that the exercise included questionnaires and feedback in 7 languages!
On the recommendation of AON HewittIndia, which has been utilizing LS Software services for some years, AON HewittHong Kong ascertained the track record and experience of LS and decided to entrust the exercise to LS.

LS Software Responsibilities:

  • Software Development
  • Administration of the System
  • Generation of Appraisal Reports


The software solution, LS 360 degree Appraisal System was customized to the specific requirements of the client; requirements included questionnaire, job band and language requirements. The entire exercise was concluded and the final reports generated to the complete satisfaction of AONHewitt and the client.

The software runs on the following platforms:

Hardware Platform:

  • High-End Compaq Servers
Software Platform:
  • Operating Platform : Windows Server, Windows clients
  • RDBMS : SQL Server
  • Development Tools : ASP, Site Server Commerce, Visual Basic

Why LS ?

  • Cost efficient, quick and fully customized exercises
  • Minimum back-end involvement fromAON Hewitt
  • Web-based, efficient, and easy- to- use participant interfaces
  • Dedicated personnel to interact via email and telephone
  • Assured anonymity and third-party participation ensuring frank feedback
  • High quality graphical reports

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"LS has done a great job in implementing a 360 degree sales capability survey that we just finished doing for a client.
We surveyed around 5,500 employees across 20 locations, questionnaire and feedback collected in 7 languages. I am very satisfied with the quick turnaround time, flexibility and great attitude of the team! We enjoyed working with LS and will definitely work with them in the future.

Bernice Yu

Hewitt Associates

Hong Kong